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Discover a revolutionary B2B real estate platform. Elevate your business with seamless listings and collaborative deals. Connect, simplify, and thrive with our user-friendly hub. Join now to reshape your real estate journey. Together, let’s redefine success.

Welcome to the forefront of real estate evolution. Our state-of-the-art B2B platform is set to redefine the industry, offering a solution for real estate agencies chasing unparalleled growth and efficiency.

Imagine a central hub where listings merge, collaborations flourish, and opportunities multiply. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple sources – with our platform, a single subscription opens the door to an extensive range of listings.

Experience the power of streamlined collaboration – connect seamlessly with fellow agencies, synchronize efforts, and collectively overcome challenges to reach new heights of success. Embrace a fresh era of transparency and trust. Enjoy the ease of consolidated accessibility, bidding farewell to time-consuming searches. Forge alliances effortlessly, propelling your sales endeavors to unprecedented levels.

Enhance communication, enrich collaboration, and empower your business with a refined edge. By joining us, you gain access to advanced data analytics and insights, enabling you to make informed decisions that outpace the competition.

Enjoy cost reduction and profitability enhancement as redundant subscriptions fade into the past. Embark on this transformative journey today, leveraging the potential of our pioneering platform to reshape your destiny in the real estate realm. Welcome to a reimagined future where success knows no bounds.

Connect. Collaborate. Close.

Connect with other firms to finalize deals and share the commission on each transaction.

Connect. Collaborate. Close.

Connect with other firms to finalize deals and share the commission on each transaction.

Why choose us

Unique features

No duplicate listings

Experience unmatched listing accuracy. Our platform ensures every listing is unique, eliminating repetition and saving you valuable time.

Smart suggestions

Harness the power of AI to find the perfect match. Our smart suggestions adapt to your preferences, making every search more efficient and effective.

Register your client - legal validity

Register clients with confidence. Our platform guarantees legal validity, enhancing trust and security in every transaction.

Scoring system

Make informed decisions with our intuitive scoring system. Evaluate listings and clients with ease, streamlining your decision-making process.


Embrace total transparency. Our platform promotes clear communication and open access to information, fostering a trustworthy business environment.

High performance usability

Enjoy seamless, high-speed usability. Our user-friendly interface is designed for peak performance, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.


Check out how our single platform subscription can significantly reduce costs compared to maintaining multiple subscriptions to different B2C platforms.

Maximize efficiency and minimize expenses with our single platform subscription. Our solution not only simplifies operations by eliminating the need for multiple B2C subscriptions but also offers scalable, cost-effective plans suitable for all sizes of real estate agencies. Join the revolution in real estate sales and select the plan that best fits your needs today.

Essential For business seeking expanded capabilities

€99 /month

  • Access to listings in your region
  • up to 2 users
  • Standard analytics
  • Email support
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Limited Time Offer
Launch Offer Take your business to the next level

€109 /month

€119 /month
  • Access to listings in your region
  • up to 10 users
  • Standard analytics
  • Priority email support
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Premium For large organizations with specific demands

€149 /month

  • Access to all listings
  • up to 20 users
  • Advanced analytics
  • Dedicated account manager and phone support
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